Group Show: Penwith Gallery, St Ives, March 2019

This month we marked the end of the year long Porthmeor Programme at the St Ives School of Painting with a private view for our group exhibition at the Penwith Gallery.

The show is both a culmination of the work we’ve done over the past year, and a springboard into the future, wherever each of us want to go as artists.

20190309_102453 cropped.jpg

For me, it was a joyful celebration of the journey travelled with both my art and my fellow students, as well as a wonderful opportunity to experience a group exhibition in a respected gallery, with the guidance and support of our tutors.


The private view was a huge success with a great turn out {it was hard to hear yourself speak at times!}, and while social events like this feel for me somewhat daunting, it really was a lovely celebration and very exciting to see the work on display.

I was delighted to receive some positive feedback and questions about my work, as well as enjoying the kick of seeing it out of the studio and on a nice clean white wall. :) I was also very excited that two of my fellow students sold work on the night.


The next morning we had a debrief in the gallery, followed by a slightly tearful farewell to our tutors and the programme, but with excitement for what’s to come and future meet ups planned.

As I was saying to a fellow classmate, the year went so fast and was so incredibly enriching and enlightening, and now I feel rather like a tiny, newly built boat sailing out onto the wide ocean. I’m excited for and sometimes a bit overwhelmed by what’s to come, but first, back to the studio!